Meeting to consider HB 644, HB 1234, and HB 478

Senate Health & Human Services Committee

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
10:30 a.m.
Room 461 MC


To consider the following bills:

HB 644 – Rep. Baker – Amends the Community Based Health Care Act (the “Act”) by eliminating a cap on funding provided under the Act to Federally Qualified Health Centers or Federally Qualified Health Care Center Look-alikes (collectively “FQHCs”). – Summary

HB 1234 –  Rep. Fabrizio – Amends the definition of “ambulatory surgical facility” contained in the Health Care Facilities Act to permit outpatient surgical treatment that is not expected to exceed 24 hours following an admission. – Summary

HB 478 – Rep. Pickett – Enacts the Outpatient Psychiatric Oversight Act (the “Act”).  The Act outlines the number of hours that a psychiatrist or other advanced practice professional must be on site at an outpatient psychiatric clinic. – Summary

Admendment A04688 – Sen Baker – HB 478 as originally drafted conflicted with the proposed regulatory changes to the outpatient clinic regulations already proposed by DHS.  Amendment A04688, drafted and supported by DHS, provides clarifying and technical language to conform with the DHS proposed regulations. The language clarifies the definition of “advance practice professional” and allows for the hours requirement in the bill to be satisfied through the use of an off-site psychiatrist utilizing a two-way real-time interactive audio and video transmission.  The Sponsor of the bill supported this amendment.