Consideration of SB 349, SB 369, SB458, HB140 and HB 960


Meeting to Consider Bills

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
10 a.m., Room 461, Main Capitol

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Opening Statements

Senator Vance
Senator Kitchen


SB 349 (Browne) | SummaryCreates the Indoor Tanning Regulation Act

SB 361 (Robbins) | Summary – Amends the Vital Statistics Law of 1953 regarding disclosure of birth and death certificates

SB 458 (Dinniman) | Summary – Amends the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act to replace references to mental retardation with the phrase intellectual disability

Amendment A02636 (Vance)

HB 140 (DiGirolamo) | Summary Establishes the Methadone Death and Incident Review Team in the Department of Health

Amendment A02635 (Vance)

HB 960 (Gingrich) | SummaryAmends the Public Welfare Code to require uniform fraud detection systems in each county

Amendment A02697 (Vance)