Consideration of SB 5, SB 260, SB 225, and SB 227


Meeting to Consider Bills

April 6, 2011 – 10 a.m.
Room 8E-B

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Senate Bill 5 | Summary (Erickson) – Creates the Community-Based Health Care Program within the Department of Health and provides a method of allocating grants to community-based health clinics if funding is available.

Amendment A01185 – technical

Overview – Statewide Map

Allegheny Map

Philadelphia Map

Senate Bill 260 | Summary (Erickson) – Amends the Confidentiality of HIV-Related Information Act to allow health care providers to test patients unless they opt out of such testing.

Senate Bill 225 | Summary  (Piccola) – Amends the Administrative Code to remove references to boards of trustees at state hospitals and MR centers which have closed.

Amendment A01233 – removes the references to the Board of Trustees of Woodville State Hospital

Senate Bill 227 | Summary (Piccola) – Amends the Public Welfare Code by providing for:

family day care homes to show proof of current general liability insurance in order to operate

disclosure to parents and

emergency closures

Amendment A01285 (Kitchen) – extends the effective date from 120 days to one year.